heather dilatush


As hard as I have tried to keep a sketchbook and plan out my work, it never seems to work that way.  I usually let the color and the canvas in front of me tell me what to do.  My favorite part is beginning a piece.  I work intuitively, and let the layers guide my compositions.  It can be frustrating when a piece is not working compositionally, but deep down, I love it.  That is when I have to try something different, and then I end up with something completely unexpected.

I started out in graphic design in college but ended up smitten with art history.  And I felt connected to the modern and contemporary eras.  I walked out of my classes in a dream state after examining the work of the New York School and Abstract Expressionism. 

My paintings tend to be about the brushwork and seeing what paint can do.  More recently, I started working with large-sized oil pastels.  My graphic design background combined with abstract painting led me to my most recent -- and grittier -- work.  The draw of urban landscapes is a new exploration. Imperfect surfaces, hard-edged patterns, and graphics emerge.